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UN Food Systems Summit: Synthesis of independent dialogues

UN Food Systems Summit: Synthesis of independent dialogues

The UN Food Systems Summit has published a synthesis of hundreds of independent dialogues that are taking place in advance of the Summit. The report identifies ten themes that emerged from the dialogues.

The themes are:

  1. Transform food systems to be equitable and sustainable
  2. Apply systems thinking
  3. Adapt solutions to diverse local contexts
  4. Shift perspectives and change mindsets
  5. Value diversity and engage inclusively
  6. Ensure equity
  7. Integrate what is already working into innovations
  8. Facilitate conflict resolutions and negotiate trade-offs
  9. Mobilise engaged and accountable actors collaboratively
  10. Be open and transparent

Read the full report, Food Systems Summit 2021 Dialogues: Synthesis of Independent Dialogues, Report 2, here or here (PDF link). See also the TABLE explainer How can we reduce food-related greenhouse gas emissions?

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