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UK “Responsibility Deal” failing

The UK consumer group Which? has released a report, “A taste for change,” which questions the effectiveness of voluntary industry-led initiatives such as the Responsibility Deal. 

The Responsibility Deal encourages companies to sign up to voluntary pledges to take action to improve health. But the voluntary scheme, launched in March 2011, has attracted controversy for allowing fast-food firms, drink makers and supermarket chains to help shape its approach to public health without being subjected to further legislation.

The report cites examples that three of the top 10 supermarkets, serving millions of people (the Co-operative, Iceland and Lidl) have still not signed up to the calorie-reduction pledge. And it questions why there are no pledges to tackle key areas such as saturated fat reduction and responsible marketing and promotions.

To access the Which? report, click here.

For an article in The Guardian on this subject, click here.

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