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Transformative innovation in the UK food system

The UK’s Global Food Security programme has published a report on innovation within the UK food systems, focusing particularly on the contribution of data technologies and artificial intelligence to food security.

Key areas in the report include:

  • Data-driven supply chains guided by AI, with large data sets that reveal patterns and predict behaviour to improve resource efficiency, improve sustainability, and reduce levels of waste in food supply chains
  • Distributed ledger technologies that have the potential to improve trust, traceability and provenance, improving connectedness and improve management of risks associated with food fraud incidences
  • Internet of Things (IOT) and cloud computing to increase use of robotics and automated decision-making

The report focused on five major challenges for the food industry that it claims would benefit from transformative innovation:

  • Traceability, transparency and disclosure
  • Food safety, fraud, and security
  • Efficiency, productivity, and sustainability
  • Improving diets and health
  • Reducing waste

Read the full report, Transformative innovation across food supply chains to improve decision-making, here. See also the Foodsource building block What is food security?

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