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Sustainable Farming and Food: Emerging challenges by Food Ethics Council, 2006

This discussion paper explores some of the challenges that come with taking a global perspective on sustainable farming and food. In particular the paper explores six key questions:

  • Farming the land: What role does agriculture have in the Uk in light of competition from other land uses
  • Global climate: How can farming and the food sector meet the challenge of climate change without exposing the UK food supply to other environmental and economic shocks
  • Biodiversity and animal welfare: How far can we protect biodiversity and improve the animal health and welfare standards of our food, wherever it is produced, within the terms of our international trade commitments?
  • International development: How can our international trade in food best support the well-being of people, animals and the environment in poor countries, within the UK and globally?
  • Consumers and public health: How can agriculture promote the wellbeing of both people and the environment in the UK and internationally
  • Governance: How can we address the big challenges in sustainable farming and food, yet also give communities, regions and nations greater freedom to pursue their distinctive priorities?

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