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Storify report from debate - Feeding Britain: Can we do it sustainably?”

This debate, held on 8 July 2014 and hosted by the Green Alliance, discussed the question “Feeding Britain: Can we do it sustainably?” It focused on how prepared companies are for changes in food supply and price shocks, how sustainability fits within the approaches they are currently using, and whether UK food security can really be delivered sustainably.

The Storify report summarizing the event, includes photos, tweets and a short video with highlights of the debate.

In the  expert panel were Duncan Pollard, Nestlé AVP stakeholders engagement in sustainability; Penny Fowler, Oxfam’s head of private sector advocacy; Dr Tara Garnett, director of the Food Climate Research Network at the University of Oxford; and Teresa Fabian, director for sustainability and climate change at PwC.

Read about the event and see the full Storify report here.

You can read more about the sustainable intensification debate in our papers on this issue, all found in our publications list here, as well as by browsing these search-words on our website here. For more information on sustainable diets look at our recent papers on this here and here and here. For our research library section on food security see here.

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