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Soil Wealth: Investing in regenerative agriculture

This report from the US non-profit Croatan Institute quantifies the current US landscape of investments in regenerative agriculture, including in-depth analyses across asset classes (such as farmland and venture capital), and presents a series of recommendations for investors and stakeholders to build soil health and community wealth through regenerative agriculture.

The report notes that the term “regenerative agriculture” is understood in many different ways, but generally includes a focus on ecosystem services, the resilience of rural communities and working in harmony with natural systems.

The report uses data from Project Drawdown to estimate that regenerative agricultural practices could mitigate nearly 170 GtCO2 eq. and generate nearly $10 trillion net financial return. For discussion of the role of grazing management in carbon sequestration, see the FCRN report Grazed and Confused?

Read the full report, Soil Wealth: Investing in regenerative agriculture, here. See also the Foodsource resource How do food systems affect land-use and biodiversity?

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