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Smart Food Grid to improve distribution of local food in Amsterdam

The aim of the  THE SMART FOOD GRID project is to improve the efficiency of local food distribution within Amsterdam.  The project grew out of research which analysed the flow of local food in and around the city. This found that while there was a great amount of fresh and processed food being brought into the city, a  link was not being made between this food and the general urban public.  SMARTGRID therefore aims to  link producers with consumers through the use of a smart-phone. Users can scan a QR code on a banner, order local products and get them delivered through sustainable transport modes to their house, office or other location.

Read more about the project here and here and finally about the research group behind the initiative here. You can also find more related information here.

Read more about urban food here.

If you know of other similar initiatives operating elsewhere please let us know by commenting on this story on our website or by sending an e-mail.


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