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SHARE IT: An online toolkit for food sharing initiatives

Image: Monika Rut, Raffles City, a rooftop garden maintained by Edible Garden City Singapore
Image: Monika Rut, Raffles City, a rooftop garden maintained by Edible Garden City Singapore

The SHARECITY project, based at Trinity College Dublin, has launched SHARE IT, a free toolkit to help food sharing initiatives worldwide document and communicate the impact of their activities on the sustainability of food systems. 

The toolkit uses a new sustainability impact assessment framework, that is tailored to the activities of food sharing initiatives and was recently published by the SHARECITY team in the journal Environmental Impact Assessment Review.

SHARE IT enables food sharing initiatives to identify, collate and communicate their impacts on issues ranging from food waste to food poverty and loneliness. Tailored sustainability impact reports can be produced that link food sharing activities to specific sustainability indicators as well as broader UN sustainable development goals.

SHARE IT has three main functions:

  • The Toolshed, where initiatives can create a sustainability impact report along with a short summary report to concisely communicate their impacts to others.
  • The Talent Garden, a space for food sharing initiatives to share stories about their activities and post their impact summary reports. 
  • The Greenhouse, where food sharing initiatives can connect with others around the world to share experiences and learn from each other.

Read more here. You can contact the project team via if you would like more information. See also the Foodsource building block What is food loss and food waste?

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