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Scaling the impact of food loss and waste initiatives

This report from the World Resources Institute outlines ten “scaling interventions” that could increase both the rate and geographic spread of initiatives to cut food loss and food waste, to support a target of halving worldwide food loss and waste by 2030. 

The ten scaling interventions are:

  1. Develop national strategies for reducing food loss and waste
  2. Create national public-private partnerships
  3. Launch a “10 × 20 × 30” supply chain initiative (a voluntary agreement between at least 10 corporate “power players” and, for each, at least 20 of their largest suppliers, to halve food loss and waste by 2030)
  4. Invigorate efforts to strengthen value chains to reduce smallholder losses
  5. Collaborate to implement food storage solutions
  6. Shift social norms and behaviour on wasting food
  7. Target greenhouse gas reductions by reducing losses of beef, dairy and rice
  8. Develop funds and financing products for food loss and waste programmes
  9. Overcome the “data deficit” by focusing on measuring food loss and waste
  10. Engage in more research to answer multiple questions that would help to refine food loss and waste strategies.

Read the full report, Reducing Food Loss and Waste: Ten Interventions to Scale Impact, here. See also the Foodsource building block What is food loss and food waste?

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