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Report: Higher Welfare Animals Produce More Nutritious Foods

Compassion in World Farming recently published a report entitled Nutritional Benefits Of Higher Welfare Animal Products, which compiled data from 76 studies based on the topic. A literature review was conducted in order to examine the evidence for a range of nutritional benefits of higher-welfare animal products. 

Image: Compassion in world farming Some of it findings are summarized below:

1. Organic and pasture-reared animal products are often significantly lower in fat than equivalent products from intensively-reared animals.
2. Choosing organic and pasture-reared animal products over intensively-reared animal products would be expected to make a substantial contribution to meeting dietary requirements for essential omega-3 fatty acids, which are important for brain and heart health.
3. Organic and pasture-reared animal products often contain higher levels of antioxidants and iron.
For the full report and a short poster, click here.

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