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Report: Carbon Disclosure Project – Collective responses to rising water challenges

The Carbon Disclosure Project also released its Global Water Report, entitled Collective responses to rising water challenges. The intention of this report is to serve as a “call to action for companies to treat water with the strategic importance it deserves; to consider the role they should play in tackling water challenges and to provide the leadership required to build a more resilient future.” Despite increased awareness and activity among some respondents, the Global 500 response rate remained static at 60% (191 companies).


As the strategic importance of water-related issues grows it is anticipated that more Global 500 companies will leverage collective action in response. For instance, Unilever has established a Sustainable Living Plan, aimed at developing a range of targets including one to halve the water associated with the consumer use of products by 2020 in seven water scarce countries.

To read the full report, click here.

To read summaries of past Carbon Disclosure Project reports on the FCRN website, click here.

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