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Plant-Based Nutrition in Clinical Practice

Plant-Based Nutrition in Clinical Practice

This book gives an overview of the state of knowledge on health and sustainable diets, making the case for a diet based on whole, unprocessed plant foods. It is aimed at health professionals.

Publisher’s summary

As a key component of Lifestyle Medicine, nutrition is increasingly an important focus for all healthcare practitioners. Despite the incorporation of nutrition interventions into evidence-based guidelines, there remains confusion amongst the public and health professionals as to the optimal dietary approach that will promote overall health and address specific chronic conditions. Evidence has accumulated that a predominantly or exclusively whole food, plant-based diet is one of the best ways to address both individual and planetary health.

In Plant-Based Nutrition in Clinical Practice a team of specialist authors, edited by two hospital doctors and a registered dietitian, curate the current knowledge base, making the strongest case for a diet that embraces whole, unprocessed fruit, vegetables, beans, grains, nuts and seeds to provide all our daily macro- and micro-nutrients. Taking both a holistic and a systems-based approach, the book presents the uses, benefits and practical application of a plant-based diet to support patient care, disease prevention and management.



Kassam, S., Kassam, Z. and Simon, L. (eds.)(2022). Plant-based Nutrition in Clinical Practice. Hammersmith Books, London.

Read more here, where you can also read the first chapter of the book for free. See also the TABLE explainer What is a healthy sustainable eating pattern?

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