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Open access: Seeds for Diversity and Inclusion

Open access: Seeds for Diversity and Inclusion

This open-access book reflects on how seeds are governed, seeking to move beyond simple descriptions of competing seed system types as traditional or modern, subsistence or commercial, or local or global. It focuses on case studies from Japan.

Publisher’s summary

This open access book will contribute to a more nuanced debate around seed system resilience that goes beyond the dominant dichotomous conceptualisation of seed governance often characterised as traditional vs modern, subsistence vs commercial, or local vs global. While reflecting on the expanding oligopoly in the current seed system, the authors argue that such classifications limit our ability to critically reflect on and acknowledge the diverse approaches through which seed governance is practised around the world, at various scales, creating a mosaic of dynamic complementarities and autonomies. The authors also highlight the importance of this much needed dialogue through case studies of seed governance approaches and practices found in and around Japan. 



Nishikawa, Y. and Pimbert, M. (eds.)(2022). Seeds for Diversity and Inclusion: Agroecology and Endogenous Development, Palgrave Macmillan, Cham.

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