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Online resource: an overview of research on ecological agriculture

An online overview of agroecology research is currently being conducted in the UK by the Ecological Land Cooperative. A mixed professional and volunteer research team was commissioned to: 1) review research on ecological agriculture in the United Kingdom; and 2) provide a database of existing research. The overview is freely accessible and it was developed to inform both on-going research work and those working in the field of agroecology.

In particular, the review provides a resource for anyone conducting or intending to conduct research in this field, as well as providing simple access to information to inform evidence based practice for agroecological land users.

The team intends to keep the overview as current and up to date as possible by adding new research papers and initiatives to the site on an on-going basis; if you would like to suggest content to be added, please consider sending an email.

See the full overview here. For more on agroecology see our website here.

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03 Dec 2014