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New report says government ‘not serious’ about improving Britain’s diet

The British government has failed to tackle poor nutrition and diet, and should do more to take public health nutrition into consideration in every area of policy, says a report by the UK Coronary Prevention Group, a charity dedicated to preventing heart disease through healthy lifestyles.

The report authors say they have identified 200 opportunities for taking a grip on UK food supplies and helping consumers, especially those on lower incomes, to make healthier choices. The UKCPG report has also identified examples of projects that undermine good health because they were not subjected to a nutrient profiling. These included public grants made to a number of food companies both large and small, including Nestlé, Mondelēz and Pepsico, to help them develop their snack and confectionery businesses.

Read the press release here and briefing here and the full report here. There is also coverage on the report in food navigator, here and Food Manufacture UK here.  

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