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New presidential advisory puts food at the heart of U.S. health policy

A shopping basket full of fruit in the middle of a grocery store. Image via Cornell University

The new American Heart Association Presidential Advisory board has recommended creating a robust evidence base for increasing the adoption of clinical Food is Medicine programs in the US. These programs recognise the importance of nutrition in preventative treatment of chronic disease and use healthy, food-based interventions to help prevent, manage, and treat chronic diet-related diseases.



It is estimated that 90% of the annual cost of healthcare in the US is spent on the treatment of chronic disease. Unhealthy diets are a major drive of these diseases, but healthy food is not accessible or affordable for many people in the US. A growing body of literature has demonstrated that positive health outcomes from increasing patients' access to healthy foods through Food is Medicine programs. Going forward, the advisory will serve as a roadmap for the research and advocacy initiative led by the Association to identify cost-effective Food Is Medicine interventions.

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