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New Food and Feed Life cycle analysis (LCA) database available from PE INTERNATIONAL

In December 2014 the Food and Feed LCA database from PE INTERNATIONAL was released.  It includes over 350 cradle-to-gate and gate-to-gate LCI datasets representing the most commonly used food and feed products in different geographical regions:

  • Crops and animals, e.g. corn, tapioca, rapeseeds, beef, sheep
  • Manufacturing of food products (incl. dairy, starch, and grain mill products, sugar, meat, chocolate, animal feed, vegetable and animal oils, etc.) and by-products
  • European production and import mixes for major commodities like sugar beet, rapeseed, corn, soybeans and wheat
  • Different allocations
  • Direct land use change emissions are included in all datasets. The crop dataset is based on a generic, parametrized agrarian plant LCA model and it includes all aspects which are of importance for regionalized agrarian modelling, e.g. Nitrogen cycle, Land use change, Land use, Irrigation, Reference system, Agricultural chemicals, Phosphorus cycle, CO2 uptake and storage etc.

You can find more information here (including the full list of database content, publication and presentation at the LCA food conference, recording of a webinar and more)

Read more about LCA methods in our research library.

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