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Meat Atlas: The Facts and Figures About the Animals We Eat

The Meat Atlas, produced by the Heinrich Böll Foundation and Friends of the Earth, examines the many aspects of the global meat system and aims to add to the debate on the need for better, safer and more sustainable food and farming. It presents a global perspective on the impacts of industrial meat and dairy production and illustrates its negative impacts on society and the environment. The report also describes possible solutions at both individual and political level.

The atlas is a graphic and accessible guide and includes many infographics on issues such as water pollution, gender equality, protein alternatives, obesity and antibiotics used for livestock. It also includes data on who the biggest players are within the global food industry and how much public money is spent on livestock. It includes chapters on the climate costs of cattle, the emergence of a soy bean empire in Latin America, vegetarianism, biodiversity loss on land and in water, urban livestock keeping as well as “what to do and how to do it”. 

Read more about the report here or download it directly using this link. Vicki Hird from Friends of the Earth blogs about the report here. Coverage can be found in the Guardian here and the BBC here.

For more on meat and climate see here.

For the FCRN’s own work on livestock see our report “Meat and dairy production & consumption: Exploring the livestock sector's contribution to the UK's greenhouse gas emissions” here. You can read two of our journal papers on livestock and GHGs here and here and lastly there are two briefing papers linked to livestock, GHGs and food security here and here.

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