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The Kingdom of Rye

The Kingdom of Rye

This history of Russia’s cuisine looks at the links between food and hunger, climate, politics, and social structures.

Publisher’s summary

The Kingdom of Rye unearths the foods and flavors of the Russian land. Preeminent food studies scholar Darra Goldstein offers readers a concise, engaging, and gorgeously crafted story of Russian cuisine and culture. This story demonstrates how national identity is revealed through food—and how people know who they are by what they eat together. The Kingdom of Rye examines the Russians' ingenuity in overcoming hunger, a difficult climate, and a history of political hardship while deciphering Russia's social structures from within. This is a domestic history of Russian food that serves up a deeper history, demonstrating that the wooden spoon is mightier than the scepter.



Goldstein, D. (2022). The Kingdom of Rye: A Brief History of Russian Food. University of California Press, Berkeley.

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