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How to transform food systems: 7 Calls to Action

How to transform food systems: 7 Calls to Action

This report from the Global Alliance for the Future of Food calls for action in seven areas to transform the food system. The seven areas are drawn from a synthesis of the Global Alliance’s previous dialogue events and reports. For each area, the report also presents a “Beacon of Hope” - an example of the action being successfully implemented.

The seven calls for action are:

  1. Ensure inclusive, participatory governance to address structural inequalities in the food system.
  2. Increase research into systems-based approaches that account for ecological, health, social and economic goals, instead of focusing primarily on boosting yields.
  3. Account for the environmental, social, and health externalities of food systems in policymaking.
  4. Direct public sector finance and fiscal policy toward regenerative and ecologically beneficial forms of farming.
  5. Guide flows of investment from philanthropy, investors, banks, and donor agencies towards sustainable food systems.
  6. Support agroecological and regenerative approaches through policy, research and funding.
  7. Promote nutritious, whole-food diets that can be sustainably produced and are adapted to local sociocultural contexts.

Read the full report, How to Transform Food Systems: 7 Calls to Action, here. See also the report Principles for Food Systems Transformation, also from the Global Alliance for the Future of Food, and the TABLE explainer What can be done to shift eating patterns in healthier, more sustainable directions?

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