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Greenhouse Gas Action Plan: one year on progress report

The UK agricultural industry has published its first report on progress made in delivering its Greenhouse Gas Action Plan.

The report says that the sector’s plans for the provision of an innovative pilot Farm Efficiency Hub – an electronic library service to support farm advisers, farmers and land managers – are advancing. It has also set out plans for its next phase – the Delivery Plan, which features 25 actions through to 2015. These cover strategic coordination, communication, management skills and advice, crop nutrient management, soil and land management, livestock nutrition; livestock health and fertility, energy efficiency and renewables.


Agriculture and Horticulture Development Board. (2012). Meeting the challenge: Greenhouse Gas Action Plan Of the Agriculture Industry in England Progress report and Phase II Delivery April 2012. 

You can download both the full report and a summary version here.

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15 May 2012