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Food Injustice 2020-2022

The cover of the report Food Injustice 2020-2022 by Greenpeace International.

The Food Injustice 2020-2022 report by Greenpeace International discusses how modern food systems are dominated by large multinational corporations. It argues that these corporations make massive profits with very little consideration for producers and consumers, which continues to drive increases in world hunger. The Covid-19 pandemic and the war in Ukraine are used as case studies for crises that have exacerbated these issues. The report concludes that global policy must focus on promoting food sovereignty so that power shifts from these large multinational corporations back to the consumer and producer.

Publisher's summary

This Greenpeace International report delivers a broad picture of how 20 agribusiness corporations across the globe – the largest in grain, fertilisers, meat and dairy sectors – use their power to deliver outrageous profits to their shareholders while millions starve. The system must be changed to achieve the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal of “Zero Hunger.”

This report goes on to reassert Greenpeace’s vision – shared by La Via Campesina and other NGOs – of food sovereignty, and calls for “an international trade order based on cooperation and human rights instead of competition and coercion”, as well as bold and transformative policy progress, empowering small-scale farmers and reining in multinational companies.



Read the full report Food Injustice 2020-2022 here. See also TABLE’s Feed Podcast episode Phil Howard on Corporate Consolidation.

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