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The Food Foundation published initial response to UK Government’s spending review

The Food Foundation, a UK think tank that presents policy solutions to the public health challenges produced by the food system, has published its initial response to the Government’s spending review – which sets out departmental spending priorities over the next five years. The response focusses on the Review’s implications for food insecurity and public health spending.

The response finds that while Universal Infant Free School Meals have been retained, continuing welfare reforms risk worsening food poverty in the UK. It further notes that changes to local authority and public health financing risk the widening of health inequalities and that cohesive government leadership over the food system could better secure efficiency savings and properly align policies on obesity prevention, school meals, food poverty alleviation, food security and resilience, agricultural research and development, food industry performance, reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, and sustainable intensification.

Read the full review here.

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02 Dec 2015