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Food and sustainability in the twenty-first century

This book offers a cross-disciplinary collection of perspectives on the many sustainability issues facing the global food system today. Topics include food insecurity, healthy diets, organic food, food among refugees and food waste management strategies.

Publisher’s summary

Sustainability is one of the great problems facing food production today. Using cross-disciplinary perspectives from international scholars working in social, cultural and biological anthropology, ecology and environmental biology, this volume brings many new perspectives to the problems we face. Its cross-disciplinary framework of chapters with local, regional and continental perspectives provides a global outlook on sustainability issues. These case studies will appeal to those working in public sector agencies, NGOs, consultancies and other bodies focused on food security, human nutrition and environmental sustainability.



Collinson, P., Young, I., Antal, L. and Macbeth, H. eds., 2019. Food and Sustainability in the Twenty-First Century: Cross-Disciplinary Perspectives (Vol. 9). Berghahn Books, Oxford.

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