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FCRN China Briefing papers

In 2014, the FCRN released a major report entitled Appetite for change: social, economic and environmental transformations in China’s food system. This provided a detailed and integrative analysis of the dramatic changes in China’s food system over the last 35 years, explored emerging environmental, health, economic and cultural trends and challenges, and identified policy and research implications.  

In these 9 briefing papers, we have distilled and summarised the report's main messages. We hope these briefings will be relevant for anyone trying to understand how and why China’s food system is transforming and the societal, economic and environmental implications of those changes, both within China and globally.  

Overview of changes and drivers
Supply chain transformations
Environmental transformations
Health Transformations
Socio-cultural transformations
Focus on livestock
Focus on dairy
Focus on aquaculture
Summary, conclusions and policy implications

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