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Farm antibiotic use in the US: A threat to UK standards?

This report from the European Alliance to Save Our Antibiotics notes that a no-deal Brexit could lead to an increase in the amount of meat imported to the UK from outside the European Union, in part because of possible tariff cuts and in part because food standards may change. The report finds that antibiotic use per tonne of livestock unit is five times higher in the US than in the UK and also higher than antibiotic use in most European countries.

According to the report, the US government has expressed strong opposition to a forthcoming European Union ban on preventative use of antibiotics, while the UK government has not yet confirmed its position on the issue. 

Read the full report Farm antibiotic use in the United States: A threat to UK standards? here (PDF link). See also the Foodsource resource How does livestock production affect risks from antibiotic resistance? Read other COVID-19 content in the FCRN’s research library here.

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