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Environmental Indicator Report, 2014 from European Environment Agency (EEA)

To examine what the concept of the green economy means in practice for European countries, and to evaluate their progress in achieving such a transition, in 2012 the European Environment Agency (EEA) initiated a new series of environmental indicator reports. The first two reports in the series focused on green economy and the European environment, addressing resource efficiency and resilience and the links between European resource demand, environmental degradation and changes in human wellbeing.

In this third report, the European Environmental Agency (EEA) sheds light on the driving forces and the environmental impacts of Europe's production-consumption systems. Acknowledging the weaknesses of the indicators and analyses used, the report discusses options for improving sustainability and enabling European nations to meet their long-term goals for resource use and impact reduction.  

For the special section on production and consumption systems in Europe see p. 23 of the report, and for a section on thematic indicator-based assessment on food, see p. 51.


Reichel et al., 2014, Environmental Indicator Report, 2014; European Environmental Agency. 

Read the full EEA report here. You can find more resources related to the green economy concept here

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