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Emissions Impossible: Methane Edition

Emissions Impossible: Methane Edition

The five largest meat companies and ten largest dairy companies have combined methane emissions of over 80% of the European Union’s methane footprint, according to this report by the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy (IATP) and the Changing Markets Foundation. The report recommends that governments set legally binding GHG and methane-specific reduction targets for the agriculture sector, with the aim to keep climate warming to less than 1.5°C.

Read the full report, Emissions Impossible: Methane Edition - How emissions from big meat and dairy are heating up the planet, here. See also the related report How Europe’s big meat and dairy are heating up the planet as well as the TABLE explainers Agricultural methane and its role as a greenhouse gas and Methane and the sustainability of ruminant livestock. TABLE ran a panel discussion event on methane; you can watch the recording here: Does methane from livestock matter?

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