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Documentary: Eating for a Healthy Planet

One of FCRN’s network members, Holly Cecil, has produced a documentary entitled Eating for a Healthy Planet – A conversation with Canadians.  Launched on Earth Day 2013, the documentary addresses the links between diets and the environment. It was produced under the auspices of the Human Dimensions of Climate Change program at the University of Victoria (BC).

The documentary discusses how a dietary reduction in animal products is one of the single largest ways to help reduce your carbon footprint. It praises initiatives such as Meatless Mondays which exist in 24 countries for challenging the way we think about food and its environmental impacts.

To read more see this release from the Meatfree Mondays initiative here.

To see the documentary trailer (4.5 min) click here.

For the full documentary (55 min) please click here.

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