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Considering lived experience for better food policy

The London-based Centre for Food Policy has published a report of its symposium “How can evidence of lived experience make food policy more effective and equitable in addressing major food system challenges?”, which sought to explore how information from people who live with food-related problems can improve food policy.

Some of the key findings of the event were:

  • Lived experience provides a valuable source of knowledge not held by “experts”, but it can be difficult to translate such evidence into policy and many decision-makers may not view lived experience as a legitimate form of knowledge
  • Involving people with lived experience in the policymaking process can be empowering for participants, but it can equally be disempowering if meaningful change does not arise
  • Gathering evidence from people with lived experience generates ideas for effective solutions

Read the full report here (PDF link) and read a summary here (PDF link). See also the Foodsource resource What about the relationship between food, culture, ethics and social norms?

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