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Anthropocene Ecologies of Food: Notes from the Global South

Anthropocene Ecologies of Food: Notes from the Global South

This book examines the concept of the Anthropocene by discussing food production, culinary practices and representation of food in film, literature and other media. It focuses on the Indian geographical and cultural context, seeking to correct the absence of analyses of “Anthropocene ecologies of food” focused on the Global South.

Publisher’s summary

Anthropocene Ecologies of Food provides a detailed exploration of cross-cultural aspects of food production, culinary practices, and their ecological underpinning in culture. The authors draw connections between humans and the entire process of global food production, focusing on the broad implications these processes have within the geographical and cultural context of India. Each chapter analyzes and critiques existing agricultural/food practices, and representations of aspects of food through various media (such as film, literature, and new media) as they relate to global issues generally and Indian contexts specifically, correcting the omission of analyses focused on the Global South in virtually all of the work that has been done on "Anthropocene ecologies of food." This unique volume employs an ecocritical framework that connects food with the land, in physical and virtual communities, and the book as a whole interrogates the meanings and implications of the Anthropocene itself.



Estok, S. C., Deborah, S. S. and Alex, R. K. (eds.) (2022). Anthropocene Ecologies of Food: Notes from the Global South. Routledge, Abingdon.


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