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Agroecological farming can feed the UK population

Farming for Change

This report from the UK’s Food, Farming & Countryside Commission finds that agroecological farming could produce enough healthy food to feed the expected UK population in 2050 while freeing up 7.5% of current agricultural area for uses such as woodland creation and public access. The model assumes that diets would include less meat, dairy and sugar, and more fruit, vegetables and nuts.

In the model, agroecological practices include removal of chemical sprays, controlling pests using integrated pest management, extensive management of permanent grassland with legumes used to support soil fertility, a decision hierarchy where land is first used for food, then feed, then other purposes, and various mixed farming approaches. See page 16 of the original report for further details.

Read the full report, Farming for Change: mapping a route to 2030, here. See also the Table explainer How can we reduce food-related greenhouse gas emissions?

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