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Regenerative Agriculture

What is regenerative agriculture?

Building blocks - Published: 20 Jun 2023
… by the   minute(s) read Author(s): George Cusworth Tara Garnett Published: What is regenerative agriculture? …   Written by • George Cusworth, University of Oxford • Tara Garnett, TABLE, University…
Chickens at Johnson Farms by Rick Obst via Flickr

What is animal welfare?

Building blocks - Published: 11 Dec 2017
… Samuel Lee-Gammage, FCRN, University of Oxford Edited by: Tara Garnett, FCRN, University of Oxford Reviewed by: Reviewers …
Charcuterie plate with mustards, cheeses, fruits, relishes, bacon, and breads. Tim Toomey via Unsplash.

Meat, metrics and mindsets: Exploring debates on the role of livestock and alternatives in diets and farming

Building blocks - Published: 23 Mar 2023
… published by the   minute(s) read Author(s): Helen Breewood Tara Garnett Published: Should we eat meat, eggs, dairy and other …   Written by Helen Breewood, TABLE, University of Oxford Tara Garnett…
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Methane and the sustainability of ruminant livestock

Building blocks - Published: 13 May 2020
… published by the   minute(s) read Author(s): John Lynch Tara Garnett Martin Persson Elin Röös Andy Reisinger Published: … John Lynch, Department of Physics, University of Oxford Dr Tara Garnett,…
Food sovereignty

What is food sovereignty?

Building blocks - Published: 25 May 2021
…   minute(s) read Author(s): Rachel Carlile Matthew Kessler Tara Garnett Published: Food sovereignty, “the right of peoples … TABLE, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences Dr Tara Garnett,…