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Image of farmer carrying rice seedlings through flooded fields. Source: Pixabay

What is food sovereignty?

Building blocks - Published: 25 May 2021
…   minute(s) read Author(s): Rachel Carlile Matthew Kessler Tara Garnett Published: Food sovereignty, “the right of peoples … TABLE, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences Dr Tara Garnett,…

What is agroecology?

Building blocks - Published: 09 Jun 2021
… published by the   minute(s) read Author(s): Rachel Carlile Tara Garnett Published: In response to concerns about global … intern, PhD candidate at the University of Edinburgh Dr Tara Garnett,…
Photo credits: cocoparisienne -

Rewilding and its implications for agriculture

Building blocks - Published: 15 Sep 2022
… published by the   minute(s) read Author(s): Walter Fraanje Tara Garnett Published: Where does rewilding sit in the future of … Walter Fraanje, TABLE, Wageningen University and Research Tara…
Cover of the SLU-TABLE publication "Exploring the future of meat" (2024)

Exploring the future of meat: Navigating complex topics for better decision making

FCRN Publications - Published: 09 Feb 2024
… were adapted from the Gut Feelings and Possible Tomorrows (Garnett, 2015) report.  The aim was to dissect the different … and alternatives in diets and farming (Breewood and Garnett, 2023). 1…