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Which UK foods are at risk as extreme weather causes havoc with global supplies?

Flooding in field

This article from the Guardian highlights how extreme weather in the UK is impacting food supply, with low supply and high prices expected due to factors such as reduced vegetable yields from flooding, challenges with imports and food sourcing from countries facing their own climate related issues.


This explainer piece by The Guardian outlines the potential impacts of extreme weather on UK food supply, as many food products risk low supply and high prices. Analysts say there will be historic levels of UK wheat imports, predicted crop and vegetable yields are down by 20% in autumn due to flooding and the wholesale price of potatoes is up by 60%. Imports may solve some issues, but the countries the UK gets its food from are facing issues of their own. Morocco, which provided a third (32%) of the UK market’s tomatoes and 43% of its raspberries and brussels sprouts last year, is experiencing a devastating drought.

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