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Using ICT tools to cut carbon emissions and improve agriculture

This article in the Guardian highlights the potential of ICT (e.g. mobile phones, videos, radio) in providing agricultural knowledge and advice to farmers in low income countries.  The article concludes by saying:

“The potential impact of ICT on its own is not enough to overcome the global climate and food security challenges over the coming decades. It is important to remember that while the technologies can support the transition to more sustainable agricultural practices, they still require someone to create high quality and relevant content, and someone to pay for the dissemination of that information. Compared with the state of agricultural extension in much of the world prior to the ready availability of these technologies, however, there is cause for optimism that just as technology has enabled the rapid spread of entertainment, it may also facilitate a faster transition to environmentally friendlier forms of agriculture in the places that need them most.”

You can read the article here.

For more about the role of ICT in agriculture, see here.


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