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UNEP Year Book 2014: Emerging issues in our global environment

Ten years after the first Year Book in this series appeared, a special e-book anniversary edition – UNEP Year Book 2014 – presents a fresh look at ten issues highlighted over the past decade.

This UNEP Year Book 2014 takes advantage of the latest technology, providing a multi-media experience that helps illustrate the environmental challenges we face today and some of the innovative solutions that have been created to solve those challenges. Video, animations, data visualization and images from around the world help tell the stories.

Chapters include: Excess nitrogen, (re)emerging infectious diseases, Fish and shellfish farming, Illegal wildlife trade,  Methane hydrates, Citizen science, Air pollution, Plastic debris in the ocean, Soil carbon benefits, Rapid changes in the Arctic.

Read the full yearbook or browse through specific chapters here

You can see our collection of specific reports and papers on nitrogen, fish-farming/aquaculture, soil carbon on our website.

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