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The simple menu innovations that can get people to order vegetarian options

Photo: Loco Steve, Flickr, Creative commons licence 2.0
Photo: Loco Steve, Flickr, Creative commons licence 2.0

This master thesis study from the London School of Economics shows how consumers are 56% less likely to order a plant-based dish when it is labelled vegetarian and categorised in a separate section on menus

The research tested whether placing plant-based dishes in a separate vegetarian section on restaurant menus influenced ordering and looked specifically at how restaurants can best feature vegetarian dishes on menus. It shows some examples of how the food industry might influence more people to eat healthier and more sustainably.

The reasons behind this result may be that placing some dishes into a separate vegetarian section of the menu highlights the lack of meat or fish, and makes these choices look exclusive to a certain group. It might also exacerbate preexisting negative associations about vegetarian food.

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