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Rise in consumption of non-dairy milk substitutes in Europe and US

This Bloomberg article describes how as a percentage of all new milk products on the market in 2014, non-dairy milk products made up 24% and 31% in European and North American respectively. In addition to oat, soy and almond milk, scientists have also developed alternatives based on from hemp and quinoa. The article focuses on the case of a Swedish Oat-milk producing company Oatly – a company that has seen sales grow significantly with revenue increasing with 37 percent this year. It describes how “(t)he expanding range of options has helped broaden the appeal of products such as Oatly beyond vegetarians, vegans, and the lactose intolerant”.

According to Euromonitor International analysts the main obstacle for further expansion is the taste of the products, and companies thus need to focus on this in order to ensure that new customers do not go back to the dairy alternatives.

Read the full article here.  See also this coverage by Forum for the Future here.

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