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Public Health England phone app helps parents assess sugar content in food

This BBC News – Health article describes the new smartphone app that has been released by Public Health England (PHE) as part of its Change4Life advertising campaign. The app allows the user to scan the bar-codes of over 75,000 food and drink items and be told how much sugar the item contains, either as sugar cubes or grams.

The app is part of a push by PHE to raise parents’ awareness of how much sugar their children are consuming, as research suggests children are consuming three times more sugar than the recommended maximum.

The article relays the advice to parents of PHE’s chief nutritionist regarding cutting their childrens’ sugar intake – such as swapping out sugary drinks for low sugar alternatives, water or milk – and explains the consequences of too much sugar in the diet, including the increased risk of tooth decay, overweight/obesity and Type 2 diabetes.

Read the BBC article here.  Visit PHE’s Change4Life campaign page to try out the app yourself here.

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