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The protein challenge 2040 report by Forum for the Future

The Protein Challenge 2040 summary report condenses Forum for the Future’s analysis of the future of protein, and the challenges and opportunities we are facing in shifting the system onto a more sustainable path. It sets out the six key areas for innovation that Forum will embark on to catalyse large-scale change quickly across the system.

Through in-depth research and work with food, nutrition, health and technology experts across the world, the interrelationships within the entire protein system have been mapped, in order to develop a common understanding of the industry. Through expert interviews and desktop research, the report now identifies a number of key challenges and opportunities around the future of protein, which, if tackled could have a transformative effect:

  • The ongoing, polarized debate between animal and plant-based diets, and a wider misunderstanding of sustainable nutrition, where healthy consumption and sustainable production of food are rarely considered together.
  • The need for more pre-competitive collaboration in the global protein debate, both across governments, businesses and civil society and across individual protein industries.
  • The need for public education around how much protein one needs for a healthy diet, and where that protein should come from.

The wide group of stakeholders involved in this collaboration will continue to work across the whole supply chain and across a range of protein sources to make a real impact for sustainable protein. The aim is to raise the profile of protein as an integral part of a sustainable food system by 2020 and changing the conversation around protein, from ‘good’ and ‘bad’ sources towards a better balance of sustainable protein. Forum for the future encourages partners to join them in developing solutions: “We’re now calling for organisations across animal, plant and alternative protein sectors to join The Protein Challenge 2040 in taking action together. If you have the resource, expertise and drive to help us transform the protein system, we’d love to hear from you”.

You can read the full report here and read about the latest trends and innovations on Forum’s Futures Centre Future of Protein topic hub. There is also this blog-post on the new report.

You can find related resources in the Research Library categories on consumption and diets,  food security and nutrition, and keyword categories protein, food consumption, industry actions/CSR and nutrition transition.



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