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Our Future Proteins: A Diversity of Perspectives

Our Future Proteins: A Diversity of Perspectives

Former TABLE intern Wendy Jenkins has recently contributed to an open-access book looking at the many visions on the protein transition, in which over 100 experts present their views on the transition to sustainable protein production and consumption. Their visions cover a wide range of transition directions, from radically rethinking protein production systems to levers of change in shifting protein consumption.

Publisher’s summary

Without a protein transition, global sustainability targets will be impossible to reach.

This book examines the transition to sustainable protein systems in the broadest possible context. Perspectives from social scientists are presented alongside perspectives from technologists. Academic contributors from across the globe explain the science behind the transition, while industry interviews highlight in-practice examples. Some viewpoints are shared, some divergent, some polarizing. 

A picture emerges of a complex transition-in-progress, with many different individual motivations coalescing toward a shared goal. The wide range of proposed solutions need not be considered competitive. The future will include a range of options serving different geographies, needs, and preferences. It is only through pursuit of multiple pathways that the route to transition will be found.



Pyett, S., Jenkins, W., Van Mierlo, B., Trindade, L. M., Welch, D. and Van Zanten, H. (eds.)(2023). Our Future Proteins: A Diversity of Perspectives. VU University Press, Amsterdam.

Read more here. The digital version of this book is available free of charge and can be requested from the publisher: See also the TABLE podcast project Meat the four futures.

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