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Op-ed: “Big Food” vs. sustainable, healthy diets

This op-ed by FCRN member Mia MacDonald and Judy Bankman, both of US think tank Brighter Green, argues that affordable, accessible, sustainable and healthy diets for everyone can only be achieved with the commitment of everyone, including policymakers, industry influencers, city planners, local business owners and consumers.

The piece argues that the influence of “Big Food” - i.e. large food companies - needs to be tempered with policies such as Mexico’s tax on sugary drinks and Chile’s limits on advertising certain foods to children.

Read the full piece here. See also the Foodsource resource What is malnutrition? Judy Bankman has written the FCRN blog post Changing diets threaten public health & the environment, and Mia MacDonald and Judy Bankman have edited the FCRN blog post The Brazilian Dietary Guidelines: Impacts and prospects for food systems and nutrition in a changed political environment.

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