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New Report: Climate change impacts on the biophysics and economics of world fisheries

This study, led by the University of British Columbia shows how the effects of climate change can impact the profitability of fisheries. A key conclusion is that Governments should plan and anticipate, rather than react to the potential negative impacts of climate change on the economic viability of current fisheries practices.


Global marine fisheries are underperforming economically because of overfishing, pollution and habitat degradation. Added to these threats is the looming challenge of climate change. Observations, experiments and simulation models show that climate change would result in changes in primary productivity, shifts in distribution and changes in the potential yield of exploited marine species, resulting in impacts on the economics of fisheries worldwide. Despite the gaps in understanding climate change effects on fisheries, there is sufficient scientific information that highlights the need to implement climate change mitigation and adaptation policies to minimize impacts on fisheries.


Sumaila, U, R., Cheung, W, W, L., Lam, V, W, Y., Pauly, D., & Herrick, S. Climate change impacts on the biophysics and economics of world fisheries. Nature Climate Change, 2011; DOI.

To read the study, see here.  

Coverage by ScienceDaily can be read here.


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