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Nestle CSR report published

Nestlé has published its latest corporate social responsibility report entitled: Nestlé in Society: Creating Shared Value and meeting our commitments 2012.

Its key commitments are to:

  • Provide 200 billion servings of micronutrient fortified products worldwide by 2016, with a special focus on children and women of childbearing age;
  • Ensure all relevant products worldwide have guideline daily amount (GDA) labelling on front of pack by 2016;
  • Ensure all children’s products meet the Nestlé Nutritional Foundation criteria for children by 2014;
  • Provide portion guidance on all children’s and family products by 2015;
  • reducing direct water withdrawal per tonne of product by 40% compared to 2005, by 2015;
  • Achieve 100% certified responsibly sourced, sustainable palm oil by the end of 2013, two years ahead of its initial public commitment;
  • Reduce direct greenhouse gas emissions per tonne of product by 35% compared to 2005, by 2015.

You can download the report here.
Oxfam’s Behind the Brands reports, which considers Nestle’s performance (among others) can be found here. For more industry-action related material on the FCRN website see here.

Baby Milk Action’s is a long standing critic of Nestle as well as other companies who market infant feeding formulas and private-public partnership type approaches to addressing micronutrient deficiencies (as represented by, for example, the GAIN Alliance).  BMA’s views can be found here.

If any members have views on the role of the food industry in addressing micronutrient deficiencies, it would be very interesting to have your comments – which you can add to this item hereremember you will need to log into the website to do so.

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