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More Healthy Years: The Mediterranean diet

More Healthy Years cover

This book by Table member Richard Hoffman (Lecturer in Nutritional Biochemistry at the University of Hertfordshire) argues that the Mediterranean diet is beneficial for both health and the environment. It offers tips for eating healthily in an obesogenic environment.

Publisher’s summary

Ever wondered why the Med diet is so healthy, and how to incorporate it into your daily life? This book provides the answers. Cutting-edge science by a leading authority reveals surprising links between Med foods and health, such as how goat's cheese may help prevent Alzheimer's disease; how eating a Med diet reduces the cancer risk from drinking alcohol; and why the way we cook is so important for health. More Healthy Years also explains the real reasons why it is so important to avoid highly processed foods - the antithesis of the Med diet. It transforms the science into a huge range of practical tips to overcome the barriers of our obesogenic environment and eat tasty, healthy Mediterranean food every day, at no extra cost. Drawing on the evidence that what's good for the person is also good for the planet, the book concludes with a persuasive argument for a more ecologically-based farming system.



Hoffman (2020), More Healthy Years: Why a Mediterranean diet is best for you and for the planet, Independently published.

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