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Indigenous Peoples' food systems

This report from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations argues that Indigenous Peoples must be included in debates on the future of the global food system, such as the 2021 United Nations Food Systems Summit, and that Indigenous Peoples’ food systems are in many ways aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goals. 

The report characterises Indigenous Peoples’ food systems as tending to generate diverse foods with minimal external inputs, as promoting equitable distribution of resources, as important contributors to global biodiversity, and as providing healthy diets. It argues that traditional knowledge can be complementary to Western scientific approaches to sustainability.

The report gives recommendations for how the inputs and interests of Indigenous Peoples could be respected within the five Action Tracks of the UN Food Systems Summit.

Read the full report, The White/Wiphala Paper on Indigenous Peoples' food systems, here. See also the TABLE explainer What is food sovereignty?

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16 Sep 2021
The White/Wiphala Paper on Indigenous Peoples' food systems
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