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ILRI interviews on livestock and fish ‘value chains’ in Uganda

Aquaculture is an issue that rarely attracts the attention it deserves.  These short filmed interviews made by the  International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI feature researchers and practitioners in livestock and fish ‘value chains’ in Uganda who came together during a conference on AgriFood Chain Toolkit Conference-Livestock and Fish Value Chains in East Africa, in September Sep 2013.

The aim of the conference was to refine a research-developed value chain toolkit  and to support a community of practice established to review, assess and improve value chain approaches in research-for-development projects.

In this first, 3-minute, film, the meeting’s CGIAR research hosts share their views on what they hope to get out of the meeting and why their research matters.

In this second, 4-minute, film, a few value chain agents/practitioners share their experiences in using the CGIAR toolkit for dairy, fish and crop farming in eastern Africa.

You can see all the interviews here.

You can also read more about the conference on the CGIAR website here.

Our website and Research Library has a range of resources related to Aquaculture which you can access here.

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