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Healthy Food for a Healthy World: Leveraging Agriculture & Food to Improve Nutrition

This report is published by the Chicago Council for Global Affairs, an independent, nonpartisan organization committed to educating the public—and influencing the public discourse - on global issues of the day. In the report’s introduction they write: “In the effort to produce enough calories to sustain the global population, we have neglected the importance of nutrition. Food systems today simply are not structured to provide the most nutritious food possible to the greatest number of people. We need a new approach to address not just the quantity of food to be produced, but also its quality.”

The report puts forward recommendations for how the US government can better promote nutrition as part of its global food security strategy. It presents evidence and analysis on the threats that malnutrition poses to countries and economies and argues that the global food system must play a role in addressing these problems.  It makes recommendations for how food systems can be made more productive, nutritious, and sustainable.

A chapter that may be of particular interest to FCRN members is the one entitled “Population growth, urbanization, climate change, and resource scarcity compound the challenges to food systems and health.”


Jones, A., 2015, Healthy food for a healthy world: Leveraging agriculture and food to improve global nutrition, The Chicago Council on Global Affairs.

Read the full report here.

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