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Governing global antimicrobial resistance

Image: twinquinn84, Chicken farm poultry, Pixabay, Pixabay Licence

This paper identifies six key elements of the Paris Climate Agreement and discusses how they could be applied to the challenge of tackling antimicrobial resistance (AMR) at the global level. The elements are: a collective global goal; a focus on social and economic transformation; nationally determined contributions that become more ambitious over time; an annual multi-stakeholder forum; global scientific stock-taking every five years; and an international legal framework. Most of these elements are not yet in place in relation to AMR.

First paragraph

Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) is among the most urgent global health challenges of our time. AMR can develop with each use of an antimicrobial, regardless of the setting. The ongoing use of the same antimicrobials across sectors and the ability of microbes to transfer among people, animals, food, and environments; spread across borders through global trade and travel; and bring entire economies to a halt means that every antimicrobial consumed has global implications. Some microbes have already developed resistance to all known antimicrobials, meaning previously curable diseases have become untreatable. If immediate action is not taken, the effectiveness of these vital medicines will continue to diminish, further undermining modern medicine’s ability to treat infectious diseases and perform essential medical procedures.



Weldon, I., Rogers Van Katwyk, S., Burci, G.L., de Campos, T.C., Eccleston-Turner, M., Fryer, H.R., Giubilini, A., Hale, T., Harrison, M., Johnson, S. and Kirchhelle, C., 2022. Governing Global Antimicrobial Resistance: 6 Key Lessons From the Paris Climate Agreement. American Journal of Public Health, 112(4), pp.553-557.

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